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On this webshop you will find unique estate juices, liqueurs and alpaca wool related products. You can also book a room at this shop and book events such as a wedding or a meeting. This webshop is part of https://huistejaarsveld.nl/

About Huis te Jaarsveld

The country estate 'Huis te Jaarsveld' is situated at the edge of the village of Jaarsveld, against the Lek dike. Partly because of the high seigniory attached to the castle, it was a prestigious possession from the fourteenth century onwards. William of Orange, his son Philip William and the descendants of Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt could once call themselves owners.

Jaarsveld Castle was destroyed by French troops during the Disaster Year 1672. They had only plundered it at first, but when they heard that the State army had taken up residence there, they returned to set fire to it. The castle was never rebuilt after that, but the medieval layout of the grounds, with a double system of moats, castle island and outer bailey, has remained intact to this day and forms part of the current layout of the country estate, which is protected as a national monument, is listed under the Nature Conservation Act (NSW) and is part of the protected villagescape of Jaarsveld.

The current country house was built around 1760 on a plot north of the castle island. It was enlarged in 1867 and extensively restored in 1974. Recent garden-historical research has yielded many new insights into the development history of the garden and park layout. The discoveries are the inspiration for the imminent restoration of the garden and park.



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